Instructional Approach

Student led conferences

Dear Conway Families,

As an Expeditionary Learning School, we believe our students can achieve more than they believe possible. We focus to foster a sense of pride and empowerment in our students to become leaders of their own learning. Our practice of Student-Led Conferences (SLC’s) is an example of that practice. We will host a second round of SLC’s this March during the school day. As you experienced in October, SLC’s are a shift from the traditional conference which focuses on the teacher. SLC’s open communication between school and home put our students at the forefront of leading their learning. Students gain the ability to reflect on their learning, set goals, advocate for themselves, and collaborate with parents/guardians regarding their learning needs.

March is the perfect time in the school year for your scholars to make their learning visible to you and to communicate their set plan for future learning. During this 40-minute conference, your scholar will share their progress, reflect on his or her growth, and receive feedback. You and your scholar will be active participants in the student-led conference. For this to be successful, we need YOUR participation, which could include yourself, any other relative or close family friend on the assigned day and time. To help us find the best time, we ask you to identify a time block that best fits into your schedule on the assigned day (see schedule below).

We feel that Student-Led Conferences are an essential practice to engage our scholars in understanding and taking ownership of their learning. We also believe that this conference structure will help us build better communication and stronger relationships with our families. As parents and family members, you are all critical partners in helping support your scholar’s learning and growth.

In the upcoming weeks, classroom teachers will be sending out messages about reserving time for your scholar’s Student-Led Conference to be scheduled on a specific day during the week of March 9th, 2020. We are counting on 100% participation as we launch this new E.P.I.C tradition at Conway of a second round of SLC’s! Please know your participation is essential and want to convey that the assigned appointment times are not flexible.

Empowering Leadership