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Bullying happens when someone hurts another person on purpose. This can range from leaving someone out of a group, to pushing and punching others, to making others feel inferior, to forcing others to hand over their money or possessions. Nobody likes to be bullied and it will not be tolerated here at Conway.

Studies show that bullying starts in preschool, seems to peak during the middle school years, and declines during high school. Surveys have indicated that more than half of students are bullied at some point during their school years.

Sometimes kids don't seek help because they aren't sure that the actions are actually bullying. As parents and teachers of bullies, bystanders, and victims it is our job to help teach them new strategies and create a bully free environment. Please encourage your child to tell someone (noon supervisor, teacher, or principal) we need to know so we can help.

Click HERE to report bullying.

ASES Before & After School Program

Escondido Community Services in cooperation with the Escondido Union School District operates the ASES Before and After School Program at Conway. This Program is designed to provide safe, recreational, and educationally enriching activities to youth during non-school hours. Enrollment in this program is a privilege that is intended to boost student academic achievement, as well as encourage physical activity and wellness, in a safe fun environment.

For more information, check the ASES webpage.

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